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Kenny Powers of Eastbound and Down

This spec was written as a follow up to the first season finale.  I was enthralled and amazed by the characters of this show and the overall writing which offers you a character who is really not a very good guy and is very hurtful to others, but inside all of that bigotry and rotten behaviour is a heart of gold and a character you can't help but pull for.  I wrote this script as an almost, "Where is Kenny Powers now?" after the final episode of season one.  If you are a fan of the show, please read it and tell me what you think.  "If not just shut up because I don't give a fuck what you think anyway nerd!"

When he has nothing and nowhere left to turn, Kenny Powers must return to his roots and beg his estranged father for a shot at getting back in the game...


Eastbound and Down’s hilarious character and foul mouthed bigot, Kenny Powers has just left behind everyone he loves in Shelby to pursue his last shot at getting back in the majors.  When he learns his “Big Break” has fallen through, he is left with nowhere to turn.  He must return to his roots in the last place he wanted to, the trailer home of his estranged father, Ex- Baseball washout, Clark “Super” Powers to beg for a shot at getting back in the game… the Korean baseball game!  It’s his last shot at redemption and winning back the love of his life, but his arch nemeses Reg Mackworthy and Ashley Schaeffer will stop at nothing to ridicule and humiliate him.   Back home in Shelby everything is changing without him while his one true love April Buchanan is waiting to share some important news!

Script Title: Eastbound and Down – Chapter 7. “Who’s your Daddy?”
Genre: Comedy

Number of pages: 27

HERE is the opening, if people want more I will add each scene!

                INT. KENNY'S DENALI

                KENNY POWERS puts in his audio autobiography: "You're
                Fuckin' Out. I'm Fuckin' in."  His recorded voice calls
                out from the speakers.   

                                      RECORDED KENNY
                          When my ass was twelve years old, my
                          piece of shit, cocksucker of a sperm
                          donor daddy left me and my brother Dusty
                          all alone... while our mom was all full
                          of some real fucked up ass cancer or some
                          shit. Anyway, that's besides the point,
                          and I don't like getting off topic. I was
                          trying to explain how I became a God
                          amongst men.

                Kenny turns down the radio and sits in silence as his
                rearview dreamcatcher sways. He reaches up and stops it. 

                                      KENNY (V.O.)
                          Dreams? Fuck Dreams.  I used to have
                          those... And I used to be one of the
                          greatest of God's creations too!  But,
                          now look at me. I just left the one girl
                          that loved me for who I really am.  Not
                          just cause of the super star, world class
                          athlete, all around ass kickin', son of a
                          fuck, mother fuckin' MAN that I am. Or
                          because of the shit ton of money I was
                          gonna be worth, but cause she really
                          understands me.  She was the only girl
                          who could make me cum on myself with just
                          kissin'.  And she loved me too. God
                          Damnit. What the fuck happened to me?

                Kenny adjusts the rearview mirror to see himself.

                                      KENNY (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                          I'll tell you what happened, I came in
                          there like a tornado of greatness and
                          saved them from their sad lives and they
                          all wanted a piece of my shit... But,
                          when I heard that Tampa guy on the phone
                          I just had to be alone again with my
                          above average I.Q.  I had to get outta

                                                                 CUT TO:

                EXT. GAS STATION - SHELBY, N.C. - EVENING

                A car pulls up.  APRIL BUCHANAN sheepishly gets up from
                the curb to join her ex, TERRENCE CUTLER.  They hug.  

                                                                 CUT TO:

                INT. KENNY'S DENALI

                Kenny has tears welled in his eyes. He drives on.

                                      KENNY (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                          FUCK! Now, because I left April and her
                          wonderfully supple titties behind in that
                          fuckin' cunthole of a town, here I am
                          with nothing and nowhere left to turn.  I
                          never felt this shit-fucked of a feeling
                          since that day he left us.

                Kenny pulls into a dirt driveway through a thicket of
                pine trees scraping against his Denali.

                          I hate fuckin' nature. Scratchin' this
                          expensive shit. I can't afford this
                          shit... This has got to be  the worst
                          fuckin' day of my life.

                                                                 CUT TO:


                Kenny snorts a bump of coke, then gets out.  He wipes the
                dirt off of his snakeskin boots and faces the door. 

                                      KENNY (V.O.)
                          This here is the last place I wanted to
                          end up, but here I am, ready to face him.
                          Cause my ass ain't no fuckin' pussy.  My
                          ass is a champion.  I'm the mother
                          fuckin' Shelby sensation, fuckers!  

                Kenny slowly climbs the three step staircase breaking the
                second stair. He pulls his hair behind each ear and
                knocks on the tattered door. Suddenly, a double barrel
                shotgun bursts forth from an opening in the door and
                presses up against Kenny's Face.

                                      MALE VOICE (O.C.)
                          WHO the FUCK are you?

                SHOW TITLE: EASTBOUND & DOWN

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