Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fuct up

What's the point in drinking if I don't get drunk?
The point in thinking if it's already been thunk?
What's the point in speaking if it isn't profound?
The point in singing if it's not the right sound?
What's the point in loving if it isn't for one?
The point in believing when you see the great sun?
What's the point in saying we will be together forever when today's all we've got?
The point in dreaming when all your dreams are shot?
What's the point in walking when there's nowhere to go?
The point in life when it's a re-run show?
What's the point in fucking if you don't cum?
The point in adding it up when I can't find the sum?
What's the point in dying when you are too young?
The point in living when your spring has been sprung?
What's the point of it all, each and every bit?
The point of every last little piece of shit?
Feeling like Niche the nihilistic prick.
I wish you would just suck on my stick.
Feeling like heaven is so far away.
Feeling like leavened is the only bread left.
The floor is dirty and unswept. Time is ugly and lovely.
My clothes are faded and unkept.
I'm not supposed to be negative so I guess I have to stop writing down shit.
I love rainbows and dolphins and that is the truth. I guess that's it...

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