Friday, March 12, 2010

Cemetary Dwellings

The cherry blossoms are here. The ones you will never see. Somehow they're here for you anyway. When I think of you the sun gets warmer.  My skin feels newer. I know what to do when I remember you. I know which way to go, I know which road. I depend on these times alone with you in my heart. I hear so much more when all I hear is silence.  I fear so much less when I think of the violence that took you away.  The fight to be first that left you last. What is the point if we aren't fighting? Are we left alone dying? If I lose my fight I might as well crawl in your box of bones and spend the night. These words you call out to me through the ravens caw. These things you tell me in the soft silent wind and the buzz of your wings. These things you give me in the warmth of the sun. The blossoms are beautiful and when I look at them I can see. You're living inside. You're that single bee going from one to the next and sharing the blessed. You will just keep working there's no time to rest.

A man has arrived with a group of three. His brother his daughter and the clipboard lady. She's ready to close another deal. He's got three with him but he's left all alone. In his angry replies I can hear the sadness of his eyes. In his lost walk and anxious talk I can see him bleed for the one he's lost. I can hear his tears as they tell him, isn't this nice? There's a view of the mountains from here! One boasts. As the three try to decide. He leans on the tree. It's holding him up as his heart bleeds. The bee carries on his work. Impregnating the next flower with life, for all its worth.

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