Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Candidness is next to Godliness

Candid is always best. Whether it be a photograph, a moment between friends, or a face you make during good sex. When we lose that idea of "looking right" and become the moment we're in. That is where life and love and the pursuit of happiness exists. It's in those little moments when our mind is silenced and we allow ourselves to become that look, that laugh, that tear, that sigh. I can preach from my pulpit about knowing it with all my heart. But to what end? With what point? I've surely got no idea how to get there. I simply want to cherish the fact it's there.

But as it is, you can't really acknowledge that candid truth without falsifying it somehow. As soon as it's seen it's gone like the light you see in her eyes.

So I don't know what I'm trying to say or even why. I think maybe that candid truth is our only truth or our only lie for that matter...

Maybe that IS god or that spirit of the universe we all know to be there? That true lie some of us know so well we call ourselves agnostic or atheist in order to piss off the daddy of our own consciousness. Maybe god isn't meant to be seen? Maybe it-she-him-that isn't meant to be acknowledged, understood, loved, hated or even ignored, but maybe just a candid realism we shouldn't try to see and only try to be.

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