Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Be my Valentine?"

I did this sketch to go with this poem, with my new Pen Charles Hu gave me!   


All we need is love she said from the other side of the moon.  I believe her and know she will be there for me to see.  All I need is love to feel the needs of my own disease.   My own disbelief.   My own grief.
The grievances of trance-less decadence in return for my failed retreat.  What is love if no one knows? What is love if it can be needed?  What is love when there's nothing left to concede?

I know I've got something to figure.  Something to trigger a new response?  Something I've had all along?  Something I've had a million countless times but something I've only had once.

Forgotten regret makes me remember to forget.

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