Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Evolution through Illumination"

Went to Christopher Ulrich's "Illuminator" show opening last night at La Luz De Jesus Gallery...  I have to say it was amazing to see my friends work and to see the strides he's made in his work over the past few years.  The show was so powerful to me, I went around and wrote down some thoughts in kind of a stream of consciousness/reaction to the work...  Here it is.

Evolve through fire.  Control your painfully disgusting desires.  For who?  In what time?  
The Pied Piper is playing for the earth and I hear laughter... Who is falling and rising deep into the after?

Study the four paths of belief but there's nothing to give you release.  He has risen from beneath with infinity between his fingers, he's left with only a memory of what should be, which lingers. With such grace and obedience he bleeds before you the guts and gifts of intense forgiveness. 

In Hermes' skin he brings the message of the depths within your psyche, our mind, the collective thought and retreat.   As Destiny we roam looking for our next meal, he's given his heart and asked you to feel.  Like Puccini's Napoleon riding the starved rhino we are lead to the well and told he doesn't know where it goes.  Left broken in half you stand forsaken.  Naked with breath you live to take with you. 

Tamed in control your left with your soul.

Thanks for a very inspiring showing Christopher!

Visit the show online by Clicking Here

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